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Could it be a remix of the chocobo remix o.O I sorta noticed a bit of it in there.

mrkuroii responds:

Well, your close.

illiterate fool!

"This was made for a contest a vgdc. Go thier and try to!" OMG! its there! not thier! moron I bet you are 12

Krahs responds:

Nah just retarded


I really liked this movie. I think most of it was because I got to hear a little japanese during the movie. It was prety funny. "We have no hamburgers..." ... "LIES!" great stuff.


Boy, I was about to blam it, but she was wearing a LINKIN PARK shirt. They kick ass. [LINKIN PARK] RULES!

Holy Lord!

That was the best animation i have ever seen! all hail u! i will sacrafice 50 virgin females in your name!


well first of all, the movie and story was great, but i never got through the whole movie, th crappy voice acting and horrible drawing was just "absolutely horrendous" -Simon

anyways like i said, i never got through the movie, jsut terrible i say...heck but i only do stick movies


that was so mean, HAHAHaHA so funny also!


good animation and all but, the ending sucked


that was simply terrible, omg i sound like simon, ne ways. it was bad, it took forever to load then i saw a very poorly drawn dbz char with tiny arms and huge legs fire some kinda ki blast from his physicly mutated arms and yell some crap in japanese, i dont know how you pulled a 2.14....geez i wish i could have a ton of friends vote high on my movies, but they are never on aol, o well.


good movie, but it was kinda funny when someone else uses my small text zoom in to read thing, but my movie wasnt as good as yours =>

TheBluntSDK responds:

Hey, what can I say? I haven't seen your movies, or the small text zoom thing for that matter, so I figured "Might as well", and I did. I'm sure your movie was probably good too, but thanks nonetheless for bragging on my movie.

Fu Qua! All I wanted was some Rice Cakes!

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